Concrete Products



A brilliant idea - a viaduct made with bricks looks fabulous - click here hfor more photos


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These CHS products are suitable for most of the larger scales from G/16mm up to gauge 3. Most products are made from concrete so collection is required (no mail order!).
CHS Shutters


CHS015 Window Shutters

Unpainted £1.50 a pair

Painted £2.50 a pair

Resin H - 54mm W - 18mm
CHS Weather boards


CHS016 Weather Boards

Unpainted £2.50 a pair

Painted £3.50 a pair

These sets come painted or unpainted, designed for the station building and made of resin.

CHS Retaining Walls
CHS Post Box on Pillar

CHS023 Small Sloped Retaining Walls - £5.00 - per pair

These are for bridge sections, short pier and viaduct

CHS028 Painted Pillar Post Box - £5.00 each

This comes pre-assembled and fully painted, it can be painted Cotswold stone colour if required.



CHS Lean To

CHS035 Slate Lean-To- £10.00
      Painted - £15.00

This Lean-to is moulded in one piece and can be attached to the workman’s cottage or left free standing against a quarry face etc.

Height – 4.5” Width – 3” Length – 4”


CHS Multi Use Lineside Hut
CHS Line Side

CHS051 Multi-purpose Building £18.00
Painted £25.00

This building has lots of uses and the idea is it can be used as an outbuilding for example a WC.

It's best potential would be to put a water tank on top for a trackside building feature.

H - 5.5", W - 3.5", L - 3.5"


CHS048 Slate Line-side Hut - £18.00
              Painted - £25.00

This line-side hut  is moulded in one piece apart from the chimney, a plastic chimney pot will be supplied and it just needs to be glued in place.

Height – 4.5” Width – 4” Length – 4”

CHS Coal Bunker

CHS062 Coal Bunker £45.00

This bunker is a bespoke model which is constructed from the church battlement and the slate walling, simulated coal is added but if you order you can have it full or empty. These models take time to assemble but they come fully assembled and painted. Height – 5” Width – 6”


CHS047 Slate Coal Bunker (sacks not included)

£18.00 (unpainted)
£25.00 (painted)

This coal bunker is full of character and it is moulded in one piece with the coal as well.
H – 3.2”, W – 5”, L – 7”