CHS - Cain Howley Structures

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CHS products are suitable for most of the larger scales from G/16mm up to gauge 3. Most products are made from concrete so collection is required (no mail order!). The viaduct is modular enabling you, the enthusiast, to have an impressive viaduct bespoke to your own garden dimensions.


NEW Engine Shed (CHS100) - see below for more details. CHS ENgine Shed  
Building Tiles Range
CHS Viaduct
3 x Bridge Sections, 2 x Tall Piers, 2 x End Piers, 4 x Retaining Walls

CHS001 Straight Viaduct Starter Set - £180.00 or Painted - £250.00

Curved Viaduct Starter Set - £210.00 Painted - £275.00

CHS Straight Bridge
CHS Curved Bridge
CHS Short Pier

CHS002 Straight Bridge Section £25.00 or Painted - £35.00

This can stand alone or be added on with the starter set to increase the length. L - 13", H - 7", W - 9"

CHS003 Curved Bridge Section - £35.00 or Painted - £45.00

The curve matches LGB R3 and it can stand alone or be added on with the starter set to increase the length. L - 16" (centre line) ,H - 7", W - 9"

CHS004 Short Pier - £15.00 Painted - £20.00

These fit onto the viaducts or can be used as a pair to support a kit form bridge. L - 9", H - 8", W - 2"

CHS Tall Pier
CHS Bridge Piers

CHS Narrow Bridge Piers

CHS005 Tall Pier - £45.00 Painted - £55.00

This can stand alone or added to the starter set to increase the length or can be used as a pair to support a kit form bridge. H - 20", W - 5.5", L - 9"

CHS006 Large Bridge Pier - £35.00 each

Painted - £45.00

H - 12", W - 5.5", L - 12.5"

CHS007 Narrow Bridge Pier £25.00
Painted £35.00

These are ideal for kit forms or handmade one off designs as shown in the picture. These are generally good for single track designs.

H - 10.5", W - 4", L - 5.5"

CHS Tunnel Mouth
CHS Slate tunnel Extension
CHS010 Version shown is already attached to tunnel mouth and painted - £40.00

CHS008 Tunnel Mouth - £15.00 or Painted - £20.00


Reinforced with steel wire mesh. L - 19.5", H - 12", Height of mouth - 8", Width of mouth at narrowest - 6.5"

CHS009 Tunnel Mouth Extension - £8.00 or Painted - £12.00
This is a very popular add on and you can add as many as you like to create a great depth perception or use as a support strong enough to take a mountain on top, put a tunnel mouth either side and you have a bridge over.
Station Building
CHS Station with signs

CHS011 Platforms - £25.00 (straight & curved), £25.00 (low profile), Painted - £30.00 or £12.50 (CHS012 low-relief)

Straight and curved sections, reinforced with steel mesh. Extensions available too so you can make the platform as long as you like. L - 32", H - 2", W - 6.5"

CHS013 Station Building - £25.00 (unpainted), £35.00 (painted) £40.00 (painted with signs)

This multi purpose building can be used as a ticket office or waiting room. It has another door to the rear and two more windows. H - 6.2", L - 11.8", W - 4.5"

CHS014 Station Building Deluxe Combo - £50.00
Painted w/signs
Weather boards
Frame for poster
Letter box

This is well worth splashing out with the extras, all come pre-assembled.
CHS Shutters
CHS Wood Panelled Waiting room
CHS Weather boards

CHS015 Window Shutters

Unpainted £1.50 a pair

Painted £2.50 a pair


H - 54mm

W - 18mm

CHS017 Wood Panel Waiting Room £16.00
Painted £21.00
Painted w/signs £25.00

This building has a wood panel effect with corrugated roof and will paint up great. With signs added on this makes it look extra special.

It has just two windows and a door at the front

Height - 6.2"
Length - 11.8"
Width - 4.5"

CHS016 Weather Boards

Unpainted £2.50 a pair

Painted £3.50 a pair

These sets come painted or unpainted, designed for the station building and made of resin.

CHS Water tower
CHS Water Tower
CHS Water Tower on Legs

CHS020 Water tower - £35.00 (unpainted) £45.00 (painted)

One piece model, copper right angle attachment and hose is included. H - 16.5", Water Tank - 7.5" x 6" x 5.2", Tower - 11.3" x 5.5" x 4"

CHS021 Plastic Water tower - £55.00 (unpainted) £65.00 (painted)

The plastic water tower is supplied without any of the attachments
CHS022 Water Tower on Legs - £28.00 Painted £35.00

This is an adaption with the stone walling pillars fixed beneath to give a different look. It comes with a copper right angle attachment included

H - 16.5"

Water Tank - 7.5" x 6" x 5.2"

**NEW** CHS071 Pump Station Water Tower - £75.00

This is a bespoke combination of three other models, the Water tower tank, part of the church tower and part of the slate station building. This forms a nice pump station with water tank and would look great next to the line, comes with a copper right angle attachment. If the price is too much why not buy the parts separately and fix together as a modelling project. Total Height – 13.5” Water tank – 7.5” x 6” x 5.2”


**NEW** Lineside building With Water tower - £45.00 Painted and assembled - £60.00 Picture

This is a kit form which comprises of the following: 1 x water tank 1 x door panel 3 x window panel 4 x corner pillars 1 x copper angle pipe Total Height – 12.25” Water tank – 7.5” x 6” x 5.2”

CHS Station Set   CHS Station Set

CHS018 Station Set #1 £120.00

Wood Station Set

These sets come ready assembled and painted. They generally consist of the following items: STATION BUILDING BACK WALLING, POST BOX & SIGNS


Station Set #2 £120.00

Country Station Set

These sets come ready assembles and painted. They generally consist of the following items: STATION BUILDING BACK WALLING, POST BOX & SIGNS



** NEW **


CHS Engine Shed

CHS Engine Shed
CHS100 Engine shed kit - £71.00
Painted & assembled - £195.00

This kit form comes in seven pieces:2 x engine shed sides1 x shed door piece1 x rear piece2 x roof pieces1 x pack of ridges Simply glue together and paint, instructions are available on purchase. It can be assembled and painted but that comes at a premium so it is highly recommended that you assemble yourself. If you require two mouths with this kit as a ‘run through’ option please state on your order.

Outside length – 21”
Inside length for engine – 17.25”
Outside height – 12.5”
Inside height of engine shed mouth - 8.25”
Outside width – 9.5”
Inside width of engine shed mouth – 6”

CHS Retaining Walls
CHS Large Retaining Walls
CHS Walls

CHS023 Small Sloped Retaining Walls - £5.00 - per pair

These are for bridge sections, short pier and viaduct

CHS024 Large Sloped Retaining Walls - £15.00 - per pair, Painted £20.00

CHS027 Stone Wall Sections - £3.50 each/£12 set of four. End pillar - 80p each

Stone wall is great for 16mm. Comes reinforced with steel wire and available in straight and curved. H - 2.6", L - 12.5". Curved wall is same as LGB R3.

CHS Retaining Wall


CHS025 Large retaining Wall - £10.00 each Painted - £15.00

CHS026 Joining Pillar - £1.00 each Painted - £1.50

Large sheet of concrete with stone effect to use as retaining wall or can cover block work. Photo shows two sheets and one joining pillar. H - 10", w - 3/4", L - 19"

CHS Post Box on Pillar
CHS Wall Mounted Post Box

CHS030 Traditional Post Box Concrete £2.50 Painted £5.50 Resin £5.50 Painted £8.50

This comes painted or unpainted and can be made in concrete or resin: H - 70mm D - 25mm

CHS028 Painted Pillar Post Box - £5.00 each

This comes pre-assembled and fully painted, it can be painted Cotswold stone colour if required.

CHS029 Wall Mounted Post Box

Unpainted £2.50

Painted £3.25

This comes painted or unpainted and made from resin. Height - 52mm Width - 22mm

CHS16mm 2bar fence posts
Cain Howley Structures

CHS031 16mm 2bar fence posts - £10.00

Galvanised steel hand made (packet of 12)

CHS032 G Scale 3 bar fence posts - £10.00

Machine made stainless steel (packet of 12). Does not include wire railings.

CHS Slate Range

CHS053 Slate Station Building £55.00
Painted £105.00

This building has lots of uses and the idea is it can be used as an outbuilding for example a WC. It’s best potential would be to put a water tank on top for a trackside building feature.

Height – 5.5”

Width – 3.5”

Length – 3.5”

CHS054 The model below has had four dormer windows added and an extension to the left, the price for this is £165.00. Click for larger image.

CHS055 Slate Wall £3.80
Painted £5.00

These wall sections have detail both sides and are extremely realistic. It comes in a curved section as well.

Height – 2 ¾ ”

Width – 0.5”

Length – 12”


CHS056 Full Church Tower Kit - £110.00
Painted - £225.00

Included in the kit is all you can see in the picture, the painted model comes fully assembled, it takes quite a bit of time to assemble and paint so my recommendation is to buy the kit and have a go at assembling it. The parts are as follows and can be bought separately also.

Main tower - £55.00

Buttress - £3.50

Slate base plate - £4.00

Battlement - £18.00

Merlons - £12.00 a set

Complete structure dimensions

H 18”, W 9”, L 9”


Main Church Building - COMING SOON!

CHS Slate Signal Box
CHS Coal Store
CHS Chimney

CHS066 Signal Box £25.00 Painted £40.00

This slate effect signal box is full of character, the model does not come with the chimney stack or the coal store but these can be purchased separately. H 7.5” W 6” L 6.5”

CHS067 Coal Store £3.50 Painted £5.50
CHS064 Chimney £2.80 Painted £3.80
Stone steps £12.00 Painted - £17.00 The steps are designed for the signal box but can be used anywhere really, it can be glued permanently or left loose. The handrails are a scratch built add-on that I have built out of hardwood to show how it can be improved.
CHS SIgnal Box

Signal box ground floor £25.00 Painted £35.00

This ground floor add-on has a small window at the front and an additional window and door at the rear, it can be glued permanently or left loose. Please note: The chimney stack shown in the picture has been scratch built using jigstones. This is not available from CHS but demonstrates what can be achieved.

CHS Workman's Cottage
CHS Dormers
CHS Line Side

CHS033 Workman's Cottage - £25.00 (unpainted) £35.00 (painted)

Slate effect line side building. Door and window at front, window at rear. H to top of chimney - 9.5", L - 7.5", W - 5"


CHS040 Painted Cottage with one Dormer Window - £45.00

CHS041 Painted Cottage with two Dormer Windows - £50.00

CHS034 Slate Dormer WIndow - £2.50
This dormer window is an ‘add-on’ for the workman’s cottage and comes unpainted, all is required is a waterproof grout or strong outdoor glue to fix to the roof. A thin layer of mortar can be used if required. I can include on paint jobs such as the two on the next page if requested.

Height – 4.5” Width – 3” Length – 4”

Workman's Cottage
CHS Lean To
CHS Lean to on cottage
CHS Cottage Extension

CHS035 Slate Lean-To- £10.00
      Painted - £15.00

This Lean-to is moulded in one piece and can be attached to the workman’s cottage or left free standing against a quarry face etc.

Height – 4.5” Width – 3” Length – 4”

CHS044 Painted Cottage with Slate Lean-to £55.00

CHS036 Cottage Extension £20.00
Painted £25.00

This extension can be used on the standard cottage or as a stand alone building.

Height to top of chimney 8.5"
Length - 5", Width - 4.5"

CHS Shop Front
CHS Cottage & Extension

CHS039 Shop Front £15.00 Painted £20.00

This add on is a great feature to change the appearance of the cottage, it comes as a standard piece like the front of the cottage, you can saw additional windows off the facing piece to create a wrap-around effect. The picture shows an additional side piece added, this is made from resin and can be easily glue on. L - 19.5cm H - 10cm

CHS037 Workmans Cottage & Extension £40.00
Painted £60.00

This building variation comes pre-joined so eliminates the requirement to fix together, comes in any specification for colour schemes.

Add a dormer or two to really enhance this building.

Height to top of chimney - 9.5"
Length - 13"
Width - 5"

CHS038 Country Cottage Painted £65.00

This cottage is actually 2 x extensions joined together and a couple of dormers added, it comes pre-assembled and painted but if you prefer the challenge and want to build your own you can buy the parts separate. Choose the colours when you order. Height to top of chimney – 8.5” Length – 10” Width – 4.5” Original master model made by John Harrison of Treddol Designs

CHS042 £65.00
CHS043 £65.00
CHS045 £75.00
CHS046 £85.00
CHS Multi Use Lineside Hut
CHS Line Side

CHS051 Multi-purpose Building £18.00
Painted £25.00

This building has lots of uses and the idea is it can be used as an outbuilding for example a WC.

It's best potential would be to put a water tank on top for a trackside building feature.

H - 5.5", W - 3.5", L - 3.5"


CHS052 Multi-purpose BuildingPainted with Corrugated Roof & Guttering £45.00

CHS048 Slate Line-side Hut - £18.00
              Painted - £25.00

This line-side hut  is moulded in one piece apart from the chimney, a plastic chimney pot will be supplied and it just needs to be glued in place.

Height – 4.5” Width – 4” Length – 4”



**NEW** CHS078 Open waiting room - £45.00 with signs - £49.00

This is a bespoke item which has been constructed from the roof of the wood panel waiting room (CHS017), the main structure is made from Jigstones and the seat is made from a hardwood strip with three of the church battlement Merlons (CHS061). It comes fully assembled and painted, this is a special order and can be adapted as required.

CHS049 Fire Buckets £2.50 each or £10.00 for a set of 3 with wooden holder

These buckets are ideally suited for 16mm scale and can go on any building or even make a dedicated fire hut as per the picture. They come fully painted.

**NEW** CHS080 Station canopy - £5.00 Painted - £8.00

This station canopy is concrete with a thick mesh inside for support, it has corrugated iron effect with wood valance strips on the edge. The photo demonstrates it attached to a station building with Merlons (CHS061) stacked up to form legs, it will be strong enough with just glue on it’s own but I have added the legs on this model for effect only.

CHS Buffer
CHS Coal Bunker

**NEW** CHS062 Coal Bunker £45.00

This bunker is a bespoke model which is constructed from the church battlement and the slate walling, simulated coal is added but if you order you can have it full or empty. These models take time to assemble but they come fully assembled and painted. Height – 5” Width – 6”

CHS050 Buffer Stop £3.50
Painted £5.50

This is a one piece design which is very quaint in character, ideal for 16mm.

H - 1.5", L - 2.1/4", W - 2.1/4"

CHS047 Slate Coal Bunker (sacks not included)

£18.00 (unpainted)
£25.00 (painted)

This coal bunker is full of character and it is moulded in one piece with the coal as well.
H – 3.2”, W – 5”, L – 7”

(Please note: Prices are shown only as a guide)

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