The "Collection" series are very realistic with fine details. This series includes: Ladies cyrying, children, seated figures. A few left at £5.00 each
The "That's Life" series are available in painted and unpainted versions. This series includes: railway staff, construction men, motorbike, bikers, cleaning woman, schoolboy with satchel and many more. £4.50 each painted or £2.00 each unpainted

Elita paints are specially designed for use on polystyrol and ABS, since they are the most widely used synthetics in modelling. They bond directly with those synthetics, so they are extremely scratch resistant. The paints are neither acrylic, nor enamel. They can be kept for years, since they do not build a 'skin' like most model enamels, if they are kept airtight. There are 14 base satin colours (including black and white), 3 high gloss paints, (gold, silver and copper). Application is recommended by paintbrush or airbrush. All Reduced to ONLY £1.00 per pot