Jacksons Miniatures 'Superior' Water Top-up Bottle



Jacksons Top Up Bottle

If you're ever been frustrated by the time it takes to fill your loco's boiler and worried about getting a repetitive strain injury while you do it, here's the solution!
Maybe your old top up bottle has simply dropped to bits because it was meant to be used as a plant spray. Here's the ultimate replacement!

Jackson's Miniatures have a top up bottle that gives 3 to 4 times the volume per stroke of the usual trigger spray, with a cushioned trigger handle to make filling your boiler more comfortable! The trigger head has a sprung non-return valve that makes it perfect for use with gas fired locos.

With a capacity of 650ml or 947mll, there's a convenient graduated scale on the side, in case you need to measure the amount of water you've pumped.

We call our top up bottles the 'Superior' because we think it is, and those who have already tried it seem to agree. Comments have ranged from 'exceptional' through 'brilliant' to 'great' so we have no doubt you'll be impressed by its performance.

The price is only £9.50 (£13.25 incl UK P&P) - in stock now. Please specify which size bottle you require.