8135001 Massoth DiMAX 1200Z - Current Price - £867.00

Since the introduction of the DiMAX digital central station in 2003, the model 1200Z represents outstanding efficiency. With its integrated power booster with up to 12 Ampere operation current, variable turn off time in case of short circuit, seperate programming track output, RS232 Updateinterface, connection for power extender and many more features, the DiMAX 1200Z is the best digital central station for every G-Scaler.

With the release of the new MASSOTH digital protocol (Version 2.0) the feature range of the main station is now increased: 10000 loco addresses, 239 additional addresses for wagons with functions, 14; 28 as well as 128 steps of speed, dynamic bus with up to 32 simultanously controlled locos, loco database with picture and name for up to 128 active locos, and integrated programming and PC- interface interface are only a small excerpt from the new bus protocol. LGB MTS II control devices can be used with the transducer (DiMAX 600A) in the well known extent.

* up to 12 Amps
* Power adjustable in three steps (4; 7; 12 Amps)
* transformer integrated; only for Europe (220 Volt Transformer)
* Output Current with 22 - 24V / 12Amps (for G Scale)
* blue backlight display giving detialed information
* shown information in german or english
* serial and parallal Data Transmission with LGB MTS II remotes
* automated over temp control
* temerature controlled vent
* autimatic short cirquit recognition (time to track shut off adjustable)
* decoderprogramming over the menu
* additional programming track (with 2 amps)
* system control led
* activity control led
* booster control led
* STOP control led
* STOP function when running
* easy navigation with 3 keys
* 6 connecions for remotes, etc.
* 1 booster connection (for DiMAX und LGB MZS II)
* 1 booster connection with standard NMRA DCC signal
* control bus with 2 amps
* LGB MTS II remotes can be used
* PC-INTERFACE for Firmwareupdates
* free Firmwareupdates over the Internet
* compatible with LGB MTS II
* compatible with NMRA DCC
* external power supply possible (for all gauges)
* high quality aluminum case
* detailed brochure in german and english (downloadable at the support section)
* CE-certifiedSize: 255 x 262 x 103 mm
Weight: aprox. 6 kilos
Art.-Nr.: 8135001


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