Massoth Decoders


Starting with version 2.2 all Massoth loco decoders are equipped with a SUSI interface. SUSI is also integrated in all sound decoders and pulsed smoke generators.

82x0xxx eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder

Powerful 3 Amp Sound Decoder with up to 6 sound channels and 13 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors. click here for more info
Massoth 8201000

82x1x00 eMOTION LS Sound Decoder

Small 1,5 Amp Sound Decoder with up to 6 sound channels and 6 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with 1 motor
Massoth 8202000

82x2100 eMOTION S Sound Decoder

Small stand-alone sound module with SUSI interface and 3 Watt output. Programmable to all Massoth sounds available (check XLS sound list).
Massoth 8153001

8153001 eMOTION XXL Driving Decoder

Powerful 6 Amps driving decoder with 6 function outputs. Maximum driving current 10Amps



8150101 eMOTION XL II PluG Loco Decoder

New XL II Loco Decoder incl. PluG interface. Includes a new load control, new mapping function and separate programming address.
Massoth 8150001

8150001 eMOTION XL Driving Decoder

Powerful 3 Amp driving decoder with 4 Amp maximum load capacity and 8 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors.
Massoth 8154001

8154001 eMOTION L Locomotive Decoder

Universal 1,8Amps loco decoder (1 motor) with 8 function outputs for light control and other functions including a RC servo.
Massoth 8154501

8154501 eMOTION M Locomotive Decoder

Small 1,2Amps Locomotive Decoder (1 Motor) with 6 function outputs for switching light and other load also integrated RC servo control for small locos.



8152501 eMOTION 8FS Servo Decoder

New 8FS Servo Decoder with integrated 6V voltage regulation.
Operation with up to 8 servos and a separate programming address.
Massoth 8152001

8152001 eMOTION 8FL Function Decoder

Smallsized 8-channel function decoder to control light and other loads. Two RC servo controls are implemented.


8153101 eMOTION XXL Loco Decoder

Completely new developed and even more
powerful XXL II Loco Decoder with up to 8
amps motor current and 10 amps total current
for large locomotives with up to 4 motors.
Highlights: New Function Mapping, F0-F127,
10 Function Outputs, 2 Servo Controls, Bus
Connection for MASSOTH/LGB and SUSI,
Overload and temperature protection for motor
and function outputs. Updateable.
  82x4xxx* eMOTION S PluG Sound Module
  82x6xx eMOTION XLS-Onboard


eMOTION Melody
From 1972 to 1974 Massoth developed the first
sound electronic for model trains. Back then it
was a worldwide novelty. Today its quite normal
when model trains chuff, ring the bell or whistle.
But also other sounds can be found on a layout.
This brand new eMOTION Melody Module meets
lots of customer needs and wishes. It is a programmable
sound module with up to 12 sounds,
which will bring your layout to life, playing cows,
sheps, goats, horses and pigs as well as church
bells, station announcements, and many many
more. The possibilities are unlimited. Buildings,
passenger and freight cars and whole sceneries
are brought to life. Of course the module operates
analog and digital. Use the Massoth Service
Tool and the PC Module to easily download your
prefered sound project and program your personal
settings. Many sounds will be available with the
launch of this new Melody Module and will be
constantly updated according to your wishes.

8242040 eMOTION Multi-Purpose Relay-Board (8 Amps)

Enhance your loco decoder functions.
Control high Amp components with low Amp outputs in LGB® 2067 track cleaning loco, LGB® Duo loco uncouplers, pulsed smokers.
Essential for installations into Bachmann, USA Trains, Aristocraft, Accucraft and others.
Power supply: 16-24Volts
Max load: 8 Amps
  82x6xxx* XLS-Onboard

Massoth 8242050


eMOTION 6 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator

Smoothed 6 Volts controller for the operation of RC servos, smoke generators and lighting units.


Massoth 8242060

8242060 eMOTION Fire Box Light Module

Small fire box light module.
Massoth 8242030

8242030 eMOTION Pulse Generator

Pulse Generator Set for Sounddecoder.
Massoth 8242035

eMOTION Pulse Generator Set 8242035 (Sound axle with thread)

The screwable axle set is required to retrofit these LGB® locomotives: 20250, 20260, 20270, 20400, 20590, 20980, 20990.

Item-Nr.: 8242030 eMOTION Pulse Generator Set (Soundaxle without thread)
Item-Nr.: 8242035 eMOTION Pulse Generator Set (Soundaxle with thread)
(1 Pulse Generator, 1 Magnet Ring, 1 Sound axle)

Massoth 8151701

8151701 eMOTION Powercap maxi

The new Powercap maxi replaces the former eMOTION Goldcap Buffer 8151501. The Powercap maxi supplies power to the digital decoder in case of track power interruptions. The maximum buffer time with 2 motors is up to 30 seconds. The size has been reduced by approximately 40%
Massoth 8151601

8151601 eMOTION Powercap micro

The Powercap micro supplies power to the digital decoder in case of track power interruptions. The maximum buffer time with one motor is up to 30 seconds. This ensures safe operation of small locomotives in cases of bad contact and power interruptions at switch frogs and contaminated track sections.
Massoth 8151001

8151001 eMOTION Power Buffer