Lighting Boards
Analog electronic lighting board equipped with 5V bulbs and a white reflecting surface coating. It features a voltage stabilisator to facilitate a uniform light distribution at low voltages and during voltage fluctuations.



LED Lighting Boards
LED equipped electronic lighting board, available with an integrated 8 channel digital decoder or analog (without decoder). Voltage stabilisation is integrated. The board is coated with a white reflecting surface to provide a maximum of light output.

Current Price: £10.00 - 8120001 (160mm) & £9.50 8121001 (100mm)


Lighting Kit PIKO Taurus
The set consists of 2 boards with 2 red and 3 white to provide the correct lighting for the PIKO Taurus. The set is available with a preprogrammed eMotion XL decoder or without decoder, prepared for decoder installation.



Lighting Kit PIKO© BR 218
Two light-boards with 2 red LEDs to facilitate genuine lighting.





(Please note: Prices are shown only as a guide)

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