Massoth Lighting

We stock the full range of Massoth with regular deliveries from Germany

**NEW** 8129510 - LED Headlight Set (6 pack)
**NEW** 8129520 - LED Rear Light Set (4 pack)
**NEW** 8129530 - LED Spot (4 pack)

Lighting Boards
Analog electronic lighting board equipped with 5V bulbs and a white reflecting surface coating. It features a voltage stabilisator to facilitate a uniform light distribution at low voltages and during voltage fluctuations.


  8124502 LED Lighting Board 100mm (2/pack)
LED Lighting Unit for analog and digital operation (4- 24V), white surface coating for best luminous efficiency.
Connection via soldering pads, buffer connection prepared, holes for mounting in the roof of the car are
also available. Supplied in a double pack.
Dimensions: 100 x 15 mm.