Massoth Rail Clamps

We stock the full range of Massoth with regular deliveries from Germany

G-Gauge Rail Clamps (Brass)
Massoth brass rail clamps (patented) are made of extruded brass. The rail clamps conform to the track code 332. The product is well known and very popular. Hundreds of thousands are already sold. We use 100% pure high quality brass to guaranty best conductivity.
G-Gauge Rail Clamps (nickel-plated)
Nickel-plated Massoth brass rail clamps (patented). May be used with all stainless steal and nickel-plated tracks conforming to the track code 332.
G-Gauge Isolated Rail Clamps
Sturdy glass-enforced plastic rail clamps for G-gauge (code332). Extremely UV resistent. Available for brass and stainless steel tracks.
Massoth 8100520 8100520 Track Connection Clamps (20/pack)
These brand new track connection clamps now complete the popular track connection clamp range. They are the missing link to connect track sections such as reverse
loops and side tracks. Soldering ties for the cable connection are included.
8100424 - Rail Clamps 39mm
  8102665 - 1-Gauge Rail Clamps (nickel-plated)
Small series production rail clamps for 1-gauge (code 250).