Massoth Smoke Generators


Starting with version 2.2 all Massoth loco decoders are equipped with a SUSI interface. SUSI is also integrated in all sound decoders and pulsed smoke generators.

Massoth Pulsed smoke generator
Pulsed smoke generator analog and DCC for Steam- and Diesel locos.


Item-Nr.: 8413101 Pulsed smoke generator analog £78.00

Item-Nr.: 8413501 High performance pulsed smoke generator DCC - £78.00

Item-Nr.: 8413109 Alternate heating element analog version1pcs.

Item-Nr.: 8413509 Alternate heating element digital version + old 19V version 1 pcs.
Massoth 8412901 8412901 Tube Set for Pulsed Smoke Generator £8.50
Massoth 8310x01 Smoke generator for LGB® Locomotives in 5, 18 and 24V.