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8134501 DiMAX Navigator - Current Price - £244.00


MASSOTH presents the novelty 2005. The exclusive remote control DiMAX Navigator offers a large variety of new digital functions in combination with the new MASSOTH bus protocol for DiMAX digital components!
The Navigator + new protocol offer:
- 10239 loco addresses
- 14; 28 and 128 steps of speed
- 16 functions + light
- loco name and graphic
- parallel and serial functions
- two operation modes (as 2x loco operation mode, switching mode, route setting mode and system status mode)
- easy menu control
- programmable STOP keys
- traction with 16 x 4 locos simultanously
- 16 routes with 15 elements each
- 2048 feedback addresses
- 2048 switch addresses
- 32 locos can be controlled at a time
- 128 active loco settings
All components support "Plug and Play". Also the new Navigator offers comfortable programming, menu controlled loco configuration and also loco detection with configuration. The new protocol comes on a CD attached to the Navigator
From Fall 2005 the new Navigator is also available for Lenz® und Uhlenbrock® systems.
More detailes on this toppic soon.
Art.-Nr.: 8134001 (without RC) shipping
Art.-Nr.: 8134501 (with RC transmitter, requires receiver)**
Art.-Nr.: 8133001 (RC receiver)**
Art.-Nr.: 8133501 (wireless transmitter for additional installation)**


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