OcCre Dennis Bus

**JUST ARRIVED** New for 2012 - Dennis Bus - B Type (No. 57000) 1:24 Scale) £125.00

Type B buses were built in Walthamstow replacing the Type X. Type B had a capacity of 34 people, 16 inside and 18 on the open top deck, and is considered the first mass-produced bus. He began carrying passengers in 1911. In 1913 about 2500 had entered service. It was designed by Frank Searle, who was chief engineer of the LGOC. It had a wooden frame, steel wheels, an auger and chain case. Its maximum speed was 16 kilometers per hour, which was above the legal speed limit set at the time of 12 kilometers per hour, however, some could reach 30-35 miles per hour in good conditions. A total of 900 of the buses were used to move troops in the rear during the First World War. The Imperial War Museum preserves one of these buses, the B 43, known as Ole Bill by a famous cartoon character contemporaries. The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden in London, remains the original B 340 has been restored.

OcCre Dennis Fire Engine

New for 2012 Dennis Fire Engine - N Type (No. 57001) 1:18 Scale (due September)

In 1895, John and Raymond Dennis Guildford created a company dedicated to the manufacture of bicycles sold in your store. They made their first motor vehicle in 1899, a De Dion tricycle that was not marketed. In 1901 appeared the first four-wheeler with a De Dion engine of 8 horsepower. In 1906 they decided to engage in the manufacture of special vehicles, especially buses and fire engines, contruyeron being in 1908 when the first fire truck for the city of Bradford. Dennis model, which employed a multi-stage centrifugal pump, was found to be much more advanced than that of the fire trucks pulled by horses used then, and in two years, production increased to 30 vehicles a year. In 1915, the London Fire Brigade, London Fire Brigade decided to switch to the motor apparatus and Dennis bought 68 that year. From this time, Dennis became the best company specialized in the field of firefighters and their vehicles have been delivered to fire departments, both in the UK and around the world in increasing quantities. The model of our model is based on the first car delivered to the City of Coventry Fire Brigade, and, after having served for over 44 years, was restored by Dennis Bros. to its almost original condition. It remains in the factory in Guildford. It is equipped with a gasoline engine 9.1 liters that develops 75 hp at 1,150 RPM and is capable of pumping 500 GPM (32 liters per second) of water. Its maximum speed is about 35 MHP (56 kph) and weighs about 4 '/ 2 tons.

OcCre Trams 1:24 - 45mm
London Tram - £125.00 In Stock
In Stock Tram Base Kit 200mm x 400mm (metal & tile) £30.00
OcCre San Fransisco Street Car

In Stock San Francisco Tram Cablecar RRP £99.99) Our price £90.00

Cable Trams are a true icon of San Francisco. The first tram of this type work in London. Years later, Andrew Smith Hallidie tested on 2 August 1873, at Clay Street, the first cable tram in San Francisco. After 136 years, these are attractive vehicles through the streets of the city, forming an inseparable part of their daily lives.
The system is based on a cable driven, at a constant speed along the route by a stationary engine. The tram is in motion when a clamping device, called a grip, is connected to cable pressure. By loosening this pressure, combined with the application of the brakes, the car stops.
Today there are two fleets in service. One is the Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason. The other is the California Street that owns the No. 60 tram which we reproduce in our model, constructed by MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) in 1998 and entered service in 2002.
This car is based on the original built by John Hammond & Company for the California Street Cable Railroad Company in 1906. After earthquake and fire of April 1906 re-built in the renovated workshops Hammond with No. 16, becoming the No. 60 in 1957 by the MUNI.
It was renovated in 1968-69, in workshops MUNI Elkton, using the roof and the original seats.

Lisbon Tram

In Stock - Lisbon Tram (RRP £99.99) - Our Price £90.00


SOller Tram

In Stock Soller 1:24 Tram - RRP £99.99 Our Price £90.00

Mallorca’s first electric tram, running between Soller and the Port of Soller, was inaugurated on 4th October 1913.
The project for this line was designed and directed by Pedro Garau, with over two and a half miles of track being laid. One of its outstanding features was the iron bridge over the Torrent Major.
To begin with the tramline had its own electrical power plant, alongside the Soller station. This power plant was driven by a 65 HP explosion engine, which drove a dynamo that provided DC power at 600 volts.
The model tram we present is the AAB FHV-2, belonging to the company Ferrocarril de Sóller, S.A. Built in 1929, the mechanics by Carde & Escoriaza and the electrics by Siemens.
The tram uses a pantograph to pick up the electrical current, a voltage of 1200 Vcc. It is fitted with 4 Siemens-Schuckert traction motors with an output of 360 kW (90 kW x 4) and is also fitted with both electrical and vacuum braking systems.

In Stock Berlin 1:24 Tram RRP £99.99 Our Price £90.00

This vehicle was the oldest of the Berlin electric motor car trams. It was no. 40 and operated in the West Berlin suburbs: "Westliche Berliner Vorortbahn".
It is the type of motor car trams called the "Neu-Berolina", the use of which used to be widespread.
In 1903 the side and front wall protectors were installed around the running gear, to avoid people being knocked down and dragged under the wheels.
With the unification of Berlin’s municipal transport companies in 1920, this tram ended up belonging to the company "Berliner Strassenbahn", no. 3851, later on denominated A 114.
The tram was manufactured by Böker & Cie, Remscheid and remained in service from 1901 right through to 1943.
It was fitted with two 16. 7 kW AEG motors, was 28 feet long, 6 ½ feet wide and 11 feet high, and weighed in when empty at 8.5 tonnes.
It had sitting room for 20, plus another 12 standing.

Berlin Tram

Blus Tram In Stock Tibidabo 1:24 Tram 45mm RRP £99.99 Our Price £90.00
The Tram Bleu is at present the oldest operation tram line in Europe. This model is based on the full-size which was built in 1904, and carried 48 passengers. Powered by 2 x 45hp electric motors. This superb entry level kit is excellent value and feature laser cut wooden parts, with brass and cast metal components for perfect authenticity. Includes clear step-by-step photographic instructions.
Height: 295mm Width: 110mm Total Length: 415mm
In Stock Cibeles 1:24 Tram 45mm RRP £99.99 Our Price £90.00
These delightful trams were originally painted red, which was why they were nick-named 'crabs'. This highly detailed kit includes accurate laster cut wood components with brass and cast metal components adding to the authentic appearance. Step by step photographic instructions make this entry level kit a joy to assemble
Height: 280mm Width: 115mm Total Length: 395mm
Cibeles Tram
OcCre 55000
In Stock 55000 Motor Kit for Trams (G45) Our Price £60.00 if bought with OcCre tram or £75.00 if bought separately
55001 Moto Kit for Loco (G45) - 91mm x 44mm x 53mm Our Price £60.00 if bought with OcCre loco or £75.00 if bought separately In Stock
OcCre 55001

OcCre 19107 Curver - £4.99 In Stock


This useful tool can be used for bending metal rod or small metal parts

OcCre 19108 Nailer (£7.50) - very helpful when inserting all those nails In Stock

Tram Kit - Postage & Packing £8.50





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