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Type B buses were built in Walthamstow replacing the Type X. Type B had a capacity of 34 people, 16 inside and 18 on the open top deck, and is considered the first mass-produced bus. He began carrying passengers in 1911. In 1913 about 2500 had entered service. It was designed by Frank Searle, who was chief engineer of the LGOC. It had a wooden frame, steel wheels, an auger and chain case. Its maximum speed was 16 kilometers per hour, which was above the legal speed limit set at the time of 12 kilometers per hour, however, some could reach 30-35 miles per hour in good conditions. A total of 900 of the buses were used to move troops in the rear during the First World War. The Imperial War Museum preserves one of these buses, the B 43, known as Ole Bill by a famous cartoon character contemporaries. The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden in London, remains the original B 340 has been restored.
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This locomotive, which was manufactured by Robert Stephenson & Co. of Newcastle, was shipped in pieces from Newcastle to the Port of Rotterdam, from there it was transported up the Rhine to Cologne, and from Cologne, with a great deal of difficulty, it had then to be transported overland to Nuremberg. When it finally reached its destination it was put back together at the workshops of Johann Wilhelm Spaeth. The coaches were built in wood by local workshops.
On 7th December 1835 it completed its maiden journey from Furth to Nuremberg, along a line measuring 6.04 km in length.