Prehm Buildings

Figures from Prehm, made of zinc and extremely detailed. 1:22.5-1:24 scale and weatherproof

Prehm Half Relief Houses
With item numbers 550001, 550002, 550003, 550004, the range of"relief houses" with four different modelsfrom Prehm The finished models are made of plastic and weatherproof. They are hollow and ideal for lighting up at night. The first models of Prehm house miniatures ® provide an entry into an exclusive building program for the Large Scale.

New 550001 Relief House No. 1
Ground floor shop,
First Rauputzfassade floor, 3 windows,
Second Stock timbered facade, 2 windows.
Plastic, hand painted £80.00

Approx 19cm W x 42cm H x 8cm D

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Prehm 550001

New . 550002 Relief House No. 2,
Ground floor with a stone façade,
First Stock wood timbered facade with two windows
Roof with slate shingles, a fireplace
Plastic, hand painted £80.00

Approx 19cm W x 36cm H x 8cm D

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New 550003 Relief House No. 3,
Ground floor with Rauputzfassade, door and window
First Rauputzfassade floor with two windows
Second Floor timber frame with two windows
Roof shingles with beavertail, a fireplace £80.00


Approx 25.5cm W x 43cm H x 8cm D

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New for 2013 Relief House No. 4 Ground floor with front mounted loading ramp, two windows and door
First Stock brick facade with three windows
Second Rauputzfassade floor with three windows
Roof with slate roofing and two fireplaces £89.00


Approx 29.5cm W x 53cm H x 13cmD

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See a couple of the houses in situ in a customer's garden.
Prehm55005 Prehm55005