Prehm Catering

Figures from Prehm, made of plastic or zinc and extremely detailed. 1:22.5-1:24 scale and weatherproof

**NEW 2017** 550130 Burger Bar Pm550130
Pm500069 **NEW 2017** 500069 Burger Bar Seller
**NEW 2017** 500070 Man at Burger Bar Pm500070
Prehm 550110 550110 - Icecream man with sale car (bike) £33.00

Plastic, hand painted


In the 50s and 60s Italian guest workers arrived to find a new home to Germany. The immigrants also a part of their culture came to Germany.
So also the good Italian ice cream, "Gelato". Various methods have been practiced by the excellent ice cream to bring to the man or to the child. Such a variant was the car, which was moved from the ice cream man with a bicycle. In a typical work clothes for the "Iceman", he drove through the streets and announced with a bell in his presence.
As a new model of Eisverkäufers is delivered in the first quarter of 2013. This finely detailed plastic model with metal parts is made at a scale of G and painted with UV resistant colors. An absolute eye-catcher on every model railroad.
550109 Bar Car for coffee, tea, rolls, croissants, just everything you need for the traveler. New shape, hand-painted figure - mug in hand. These items are plastic. £26.00 -


500109A Bar Car Only £18.00

Cafe Car Interior (click here for more information)
Cafe Car Interior
Prehm 50023
50023 - Chef with Cooking Pot (£16.00)
500025 Waiter red apron (£16.00)
Prehm 50026  
50026 Waiter with Black Apron (£16.00)  
Prehm 50027
Prehm 50028
50027 Waitress with Red Apron (£16.50)
50028 Waitress with Black Apron (£16.50)
Prehm 50042 Prehm 50043
50042 Waitress with Basket £16.00 50043 Waiter Pouring Wine £16.00
550601 - Mini Foods, painted - £25.00 Prehm550601
Prehm550601 550602 - Mini Foods, unpainted - £14.50
550603 - 5 Mini Trays of Food £11.50 Prehm 550603
G Scale Pumpkins 550604 - 9 Assorted size Pumpkins £10.00 In stock