Prehm Musicians

Figures from Prehm, made of plastic or zinc and extremely detailed. 1:22.5-1:24 scale and weatherproof

Prehm Hornblowers
Alpine Hornblowers (click here for more information)
Prehm 500108
550108 Set of three musicians - Plastic

550020 Singer - Plastic

Prehm 500020
Prehm 500019
In Stock 5500019 Guitarist - Plastic, in stock £10.00
550018 Accordionist - Plastic, Awaiting stock £10.00
Prehm 500018
501000 - Prehm Miniatures offers exclusive, a CD with the background noise of the Swiss pasture, the folklore, the Alphorn music and the musical atmosphere of the cattle drive. Available now £13.00
Prehm Swiss CD 50100