Roundhouse Little John

Little John is our second diesel locomotive. It is a freelance design typical of a powerful small yard shunter. This model has been designed to be equal in performance to our steam locomotives.


Technical specifications for 'Little John'. 0-4-0 outside framed steel chassis.


Long running time.


Fitted with a Hi-Powered motor and tough nylon gear set.
Dimensions are :- length 179mm, width 76mm, height 139mm, weight 1.275Kg (with r/c).


Full radio control - stop start and speed in both directions using our powerful and highly reliable Roundhouse 'Locoglyde' electronic speed controller (ESC).


Powered by 8 AA NiMh rechargeable batteries for excellent running time, complete with fast charger for in-situ charging.


The wheels are adjustable between 32mm and 45mm gauge.


Fitted as standerd with insulated wheels.


Available in any standard ROUNDHOUSE colour.


Choice of plain red or black/yellow chevron buffer beams.