Train Line 45 RhB Wagons


  2017 Price

3045100 RhB Container wagon 7709


  Not In Stock £180.00

3045101 RhB Container for 3045100 white

The RhB trasnports many types of goods each year. Many companies use containers like this one. This container is neutral white and can be decorated to everyone's desires.
TL3045101 Not In Stock £30.00

3045102 RhB Silo for 3045100

Cement silos are one of the ways for the RhB to load freight onto the tracks. Many RhB customers are utilizing these transport silos.
TL3045102 Not In Stock £77.00

3045200 RhB Transport Wagon

Due Q4/2017

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3045300 RhB Tank Wagon


Not In Stock £170.00