Train Line 45 BrassTrack


TrainLine45 Brass Track
TL11501 1500mm Flexi - ready assembled with rail clamps (box of 10 lengths for mail order)
TL11501 1500mm Flexi - ready assembled with rail clamps
TL11511 Straight Track 1500mm with clamps *NEW*  

Straight Track 1200mm


Straight Track 600mm


Straight Track 300mm

TL10040 Straight Track 40mm
TL10075 Straight Track 75mm
TL10150 Straight Track 150mm
TL10190 Straight Track 190mm
TL10225 Straight Track 225mm
TL10260 Straight Track 260mm
TL10270 Straight Track 270mm
TL11500 Rail for FlexiTrack 1.5m
TL12400 Rail for Flexi Track 2.4m
TL12411 Straight Track 2400mm with clamps *NEW*  
TL13000 Rail for Fexi Track 3m
TL20010 Rail Joiners (10)
TL20011 Brass screws M2 (20)
TL20012 Screw Tap M2
TL20300 Tie Sets 300mm
TL20916 R2 Curved Track, 900mm radius, (16pcs per circle)
TL21216 R3 Curved Track, 1200mm radius, (16pcs per circle)
TrainLine45 Brass Points

R2 Point, left. manual (90cm)


R2 Point , left, electric/DCC (90cm)

TL1020960 R2 Point, right. manual (90cm)
TL1020962 R2 Point , right, electric/DCC (90cm)
TL1021250 R3 Point, left, manual (120cm)
TL1021252 R3 Point, left, electric/DCC (120cm)
TL1021260 R3 Point, right, manual (120cm)
TL1021262 R3 Point, right, electric/DCC (120cm)
TL1022150 Point, left. manual (210cm)
TL1022160 Point, right. manual (210cm)
TL1022152 Point, left. electric/DCC (210cm)
TL1022162 Point,right. electric/DCC (210cm)
TL1022250 Curved Point R120/210cm, left, manual £137.00
TL1022260 Curved Point R120/210cm, right, manual £137.00
TL1022252 Curved Point R120/210cm, left, electric/DCC £158.00
TL1022262 Curved Point R120/210cm, right, electric/DCC £158.00
1010970 Crossing 45 degree for R90cm
1011070 Crossing 45 degree
1011270 Crossing 45 degree for R120cm