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These coaches are much more accurate than other models on the market, including bogies which look just like the 'real thing'



Train Line 3035720
3035720 RhB Passenger Coach ABC609. This car was originally built in 1911 and underwent many reconstructions until it's current form, trucks and colour. The Train Line model shows the car with open platforms, a complete interior and finely detailed lettering. £178.00 IN STOCK
3035730 RhB Passenger Car BC1505. The cars 1505-1510 were delivered in 1911 and kept their open platform during all their operational existence. In the 1950's the old trucks were placed by modern SIG-torsion trucks. The Train Line model shows the car with the open platforms with full interior and fine detailed lettering. £181.00 IN STOCK
3035731 RhB Passenger Cars BC1506-1508. The set consists of 3 coaches with the running numbers BC1506-1508. All features like 3035730. £527.00

3035740 RhB Passenger Coach BC1505 (620mm)

The RhB ordered a total of 24 new coaches between 1909 and 1910. Because of this purchase they also had to re-arrange their numbering sscheme. Besides the ABC cars they also ordered 6 BC cars with the numbers 1505-1510. The Train Line model shows the BC1505 in the livery after the first renovation with the text of Rhatische Bahn. In 1950 these cars were updated and becae AB 1505-1510. The platforms continued to remain open. £245.00

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3035741 RhB Passenger Set BC1506 - 1508 (620mm)

Like 3035740 but with coach numbers BC1506, BC 1507 and BC 1508. £554.00

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TL 3035741

3135720 RhB Passenger Coach A1104 (620mm)

The RhB renovated in 1950 some of their coaches and converted them from the B series to A class cars. The model shows the A coach with the running number A1101. £245.00

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3135721 RhB Passenger Coach ABC 610 (620mm)

Like 3035720 but running number 601 instead. £245.00

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TL45 will not be producing any more coaches in LGB red, only in the prototypical HSB red. We still have some in stock in LGB red, so if you wish to add to your rake, buy now to avoid disappointment!!

Trainline 45
3030720( LGB red) /3530720 (HSB red) HSB 900-481 (530mm). This model has a complete interior fitting including windows, framed by rubber seals and suitably divided window frames (6). The handrails at the carriage entrances have been modelled on the original. £175.00 IN STOCK DISCONTINUED
3530722 "FAUST" Coach 900-481 with 6 windows £183.00
TL 3530720
Train Line 45
3030730 ( LGB red) HSB 900-479 (530mm). This model is equipped with complete interior fitting, the windows (7) are divided, just like the original and the printing on the carriage exterior is very precise. £178.00 IN STOCK DISCONTINUED

Train Line 3030740

Train Line 3530740
3030740 ( LGB red DISCONTINUED)/3530740 (HSB red) HSB 900-433 (600mm). This model has complete interior furnishings, window frames and subdivisions modelled after the original and matching handrails at the entrances. £175.00 IN STOCK
TL45 3030750
Train Line 3530750
3030750( LGB red DISCONTINUED)/3530750 (HSB red) HSB900-492 (620mm). This model has complete interior furnishings, matching windows subdivided into 8 top hung windows and handrails at the entrances true to the original. £178.00

3030741( LGB red DISCONTINUED)/3530741 (HSB red) HSB Set of passenger carriages consisting of the three carriages HSB 900- 434, HSB 900-435 and HSB 900-436 £504.00

3530741.2 HSB red No.900-434 £178.00 - available separately - in stock

3530741.3 HSB red No.900-435 £178.00 - available separately - in stock

Train Line 3030742


3030742( LGB red) Set of 3 Coaches in LGB red. 900-436 "Hasseroder Pils", 900-437 "Halberstadter Wurstchen"and 900-482 "Schierker Feuerstein"

3030742.2 LGB red No 900-437 "Halberstadter Wurstchen" £182.00 - available separately

3030742.3 LGB red No 900-482 "Schierker Feuerstein" £182.00 - available separately




3530742( HSB red) Set of 3 Coaches in LGB red. 900-436 "Hasseroder Pils", 900-437 "Halberstadter Wurstchen" and 900-482 "Schierker Feuerstein"

3530742.2 HSB red No.900-437 "Halberstadter Wurstchen" £182.00 - available separately - in stock

Limited Edition

3530743 HSB Passenger Coach 900-439 Kristalltherme (600mm)

The HSB exchanges the advertising schemes on their coaches regularly. In 2011 the current advertising for 900-439 was "Kristalltherme" in Altenau. The model displays the prototypical advertising and is a great addition to the advertising train, which the FAUST coach is part of. The model is limited to 250 units. £187.00

3030743 (LGB red) - only 100 will be made of these. £187.00

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TL 3530743

3530745 (HSB red) HSB Passenger Coach 900-437 with Hasseroder Pils advertising (600mm)

The HSB sells many coach sides for advertising. THe train with these advertising coaches is often on duty from Wernigerode to the Brocken. The model comes with the protypical advertising of Hasseroder Pils and the rolling stock number 900-437. This is a great addition to the HSB advertising train. £178.00

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TL45 3530745

3530760 (HSB red) - Buffet Coach 900-517 (620mm)

The HSB utilizes this buffet car throughout their network. Passengers can buy their snacks & drinks. The buffet coach has the typical frosted windows with the symbol of a cup. The model is equipped with the correct interior, including the kitchen. £190.00

3030760 (LGB red) - Buffet Coach 900-517 (620mm) -

Available and in stock NOW !!!


TL45 3530760

3530921 HSB Passenger Coach (Set of 2) 900-482, 900-483 (530mm)

This coach is a re-constructed ex-NWE coach and is utilized on all HSB routes. After the modernisation efforts of the DR in the 80's these coaches were equipped in 1985 with these chassis, platforms and air brakes. The model shows a complete interior, a prototypical window arrangement and matching window frame partitioning. Furthermore the handlebars are modelled after the prototype. The doors can be opened. The roof offers the possibility to equip the cars with interior lights (LED strip 3068003 and power bearing axles 3067012 or 3067321) Tese cars have the HSB prototypical trucks. £346.00

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3530790 HSB Baggage Car 902-304 (530mm)

3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-305 (530mm)

The HSB utilizes several baggage cars on their trains. They transport food for the ride as well as goods destined to the Brocken. The model is of the 2 axle truck baggage car 902-304 in dark red HSB colours. The doors on the side are simulated, the doors on each end can be opened. £179.00

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The DR (Deutsche Reichsbahn) utilized "standard coaches" in many consists. These coaches were later handed over to the HSB and partially even the DB. The cars pictured here are in their livery from 1990 - 1994. Subsequently the cars were repainted as DB models. All models are with a full interior, prototypical trucks (incl. metal wheel sets) and platforms.

3130720 DR Passenger Coach 900-477 (530mm) £178.00

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3130730 DR Passenger Coach 900-482 (530mm) £178.00

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3130750 DR Passenger Coach 900-518 (530mm) £178.00

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