g-bits Templates


Manufactured in laser cut and flame polished polycarbonate, these templates are available in a wide range of curve radii (and straight of course) to assist more accurate track laying. They can either be used to lay flexitrack to known radius, or to check existing permanent way against a desired minimum radius - very useful for visiting engines! Each template is permanently laser engraved with its gauge and radius, so there's no possibility of confusion in future, and, in 5mm polycarbonate, they'll last a lifetime.

The templates are intended for use with flexitrack, and are made with a small clearance on width to allow them to slide easily between the rails - as such they are slightly less than the nominal track gauge, and if they are used as jigs to handlay track from individual rails and chairs, the result may be marginally under gauge. They are NOT suitable for use with high temperature tools such as soldering irons.

Templates are available in both 32mm and 45mm gauges, and six different curve radii as well as straight.

  32mm Gauge 45mm Gauge
Single Templates Part Number Part Number
Straight 151-0000 151-0100
900mm radius (approx 3') 151-0009 151-0109
1200mm radius (aprrox 4') 151-0012 151-0112
1500mm radius (aprrox 5') 151-0015 151-0115
1800mm radius a(prrox 6') 151-0018 151-0118
2400mm radius (aprrox 8') 151-0024 151-0124
3000mm radius (aprrox 10') 151-0030 151-0130


32mm Templates - £10.00 each 45mm Templates - £10.00 each